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revised penal code book 1

Article 223. Civil interdiction. By giving to a treasury or bank note or any instrument, payable to bearer or order mentioned therein, the appearance of a true genuine document. No. Illegal possession of opium pipe or other paraphernalia for the use of any prohibited drug. Article 202. Article 338. Discovering secrets through seizure of correspondence. Prima facie evidence of arson. 3. Mutilation of coins; Importation and utterance of mutilated coins. If any closed or sealed receptacle, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, has been removed even if the same to broken open elsewhere. 6. If the delivery shall have been made in consideration of any price, compensation, or promise, the penalty shall in every case be imposed in its maximum period. - Any person who has been granted conditional pardon shall incur the obligation of complying strictly with the conditions imposed therein otherwise, his non-compliance with any of the conditions specified shall result in the revocation of the pardon and the provisions of Article 159 shall be applied to him. Possession, preparation and use of prohibited drugs and maintenance of opium dens. Article 130. If the crime shall have been committed with violence or threats, the penalty shall be prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods. Whenever they have seized a vessel by boarding or firing upon the same; 2. Article 132. Article 265. Article 44. Any physician or surgeon who, in connection, with the practice of his profession, shall issue a false certificate; and. - Every person owing allegiance to (the United States) the Government of the Philippine Islands, without being a foreigner, and having knowledge of any conspiracy against them, conceals or does not disclose and make known the same, as soon as possible to the governor or fiscal of the province, or the mayor or fiscal of the city in which he resides, as the case may be, shall be punished as an accessory to the crime of treason. The penalty of prision mayor, if in consequence of the physical injuries inflicted, the injured person shall become insane, imbecile, impotent, or blind; 2. 2. The court shall determine, according to its discretion, the period of duration of the bond. - Oral defamation shall be punished by arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period if it is of a serious and insulting nature; otherwise the penalty shall be arresto menor or a fine not exceeding 200 pesos. 187). 2: Application of its provisions 2750 . On occasion of any of the calamities enumerated in the preceding paragraph, or of an earthquake, eruption of a volcano, destructive cyclone, epidemic or other public calamity. - If the property stolen be any property of the National Library or the National Museum, the penalty shall be arresto mayor or a fine ranging from 200 to 500 pesos, or both, unless a higher penalty should be provided under other provisions of this Code, in which case, the offender shall be punished by such higher penalty. That advantage be taken of superior strength, or means be employed to weaken the defense. Abandonment of person in danger and abandonment of one's own victim. - The penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any person who, in order to require or enforce the payment of a debt, shall compel the debtor to work for him, against his will, as household servant or farm laborer. Article 2. Alternative Circumstances; 3. When the principal imposed is higher than prision correccional, no subsidiary imprisonment shall be imposed upon the culprit. Being entrusted with the collection of taxes, licenses, fees and other imposts, shall be guilty or any of the following acts or omissions: (a) Demanding, directly, or indirectly, the payment of sums different from or larger than those authorized by law. Chapter ThreeEXTINCTION AND SURVIVAL OF CIVIL LIABILITY. Article 85. The provisions of this article shall not be applicable to any person who shall enter another's dwelling for the purpose of preventing some serious harm to himself, the occupants of the dwelling or a third person, nor shall it be applicable to any person who shall enter a dwelling for the purpose of rendering some service to humanity or justice, nor to anyone who shall enter cafes, taverns, inn and other public houses, while the same are open. Suspension from public office, the right to vote and be voted for, the right to follow a profession or calling. Kidnapping and failure to return a minor. Rules for graduating penalties. - Any public officer not included in the provisions of the next preceding article who, without proper authority, shall open or shall permit to be opened any closed papers, documents or objects entrusted to his custody, shall suffer the penalties or arresto mayor, temporary special disqualification and a fine of not exceeding 2,000 pesos. The penalty next higher in degree shall be imposed if the offender be a public officer or employee. Effect of the penalties of perpetual or temporary special disqualification. That the offender had no intention to commit so grave a wrong as that committed. - Adultery is committed by any married woman who shall have sexual intercourse with a man not her husband and by the man who has carnal knowledge of her knowing her to be married, even if the marriage be subsequently declared void. If the offense shall have been committed against any of the persons enumerated in Article 246, or with attendance of any of the circumstances mentioned in Article 248, the case covered by subdivision number 1 of this Article shall be punished by reclusion temporal in its medium and maximum periods; the case covered by subdivision number 2 by prision correccional in its maximum period to prision mayor in its minimum period; the case covered by subdivision number 3 by prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods; and the case covered by subdivision number 4 by prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods. Piracy in general and mutiny on the high seas. Slavery. Article 59. With treachery, taking advantage of superior strength, with the aid of armed men, or employing means to weaken the defense or of means or persons to insure or afford impunity. 7. No. 187). Article 88. Any person who act under the compulsion of irresistible force. Destierro. Article 305. In such cases, and in connection with the accessory penalties which may be imposed under the provisions of this Code, the penalty shall be termed prision mayor or reclusion temporal, as the case may be. (Reinstated by E.O. Effects of bond to keep the peace. Any person who, being an acrobat, gymnast, rope-walker, diver, wild-animal tamer or circus manager or engaged in a similar calling, shall employ in exhibitions of these kinds children under sixteen years of age who are not his children or descendants. Whatever may be the number and nature of the aggravating circumstances, the courts shall not impose a greater penalty than that prescribed by law, in its maximum period. If you would like to return a book purchased in Rex e-Store due to product defect, Rex Book Store shall facilitate a replacement. Immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions and indecent shows. Inciting a rebellion or insurrection. Section Four. - The penalty lower by two degrees than that prescribed by law for the frustrated felony shall be imposed upon the accessories to the commission of a frustrated felony. Article 297. Article 195. I love Criminal Law (this is me convincing myself!) Corruption of public officials. 5. This provision shall apply to any public officer who, being ordered by competent authority to deliver any property in his custody or under his administration, shall refuse to make such delivery. If said act is not of a serious nature, the penalty shall be arresto menor or a fine not exceeding 200 pesos. 2. Description Revised Penal Code by Reyes Account 187). Rules regarding civil liability in certain cases. Fines and other corrective measures which, in the exercise of their administrative disciplinary powers, superior officials may impose upon their subordinates. 3. Frauds against the public treasury and similar offenses. 187). - The same penalties imposed upon the officer corrupted, except those of disqualification and suspension, shall be imposed upon any person who shall have made the offers or promises or given the gifts or presents as described in the preceding articles. Article 354. Less grave felonies are those which the law punishes with penalties which in their maximum period are correctional, in accordance with the above-mentioned Art.. Light felonies are those infractions of law for the commission of which a penalty of arrest menor or a fine not exceeding 200 pesos or both; is provided. Chapter ThreeDURATION AND EFFECTS OF PENALTIES. 8. Any idle or dissolute person who ledges in houses of ill fame; ruffians or pimps and those who habitually associate with prostitutes; 4. Betting in sports contests. The same penalties shall be imposed upon any woman whose marriage shall have been annulled or dissolved, if she shall marry before her delivery or before the expiration of the period of three hundred and one day after the legal separation. Any person who directly or indirectly participates in cockfights, at a place other than a licensed cockpit. Article 39. The offender shall suffer the disqualification provided in the article although pardoned as to the principal penalty, unless the same shall have been expressly remitted in the pardon. That there be no other practical and less harmful means of preventing it. False testimony in other cases and perjury in solemn affirmation. Any person who shall knowingly permit any form of gambling referred to in the preceding subdivision to be carried on in any unhabited or uninhabited place of any building, vessel or other means of transportation owned or controlled by him. Article 183. Premature marriages. Article 315. Article 90. Chapter ThreeDISCOVERY AND REVELATION OF SECRETS. People v. Agacer, et, al. This Code shall be supplementary to such laws, unless the latter should specially provide the contrary. 10. In such cases if the defendant proves the truth of the imputation made by him, he shall be acquitted. CONRADO BEREX VILLAMOR CATRAL, Jr. (As amended by R.A. 6968). (As amended by R.A. 2632, approved June 18, 1960, and R.A. 4111, approved June 20, 1964). Rule in cases in which the penalty is not composed of three periods. Notwithstanding the provisions of this article, the total of the two penalties to be imposed upon the offender, in conformity herewith, shall in no case exceed 30 years. Persons merely present at such meeting shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor, unless they are armed, in which case the penalty shall be prision correccional. Revised Penal Code of the Philippines Section 1 Article 11 F.A.Q. Article 167. Article 149. - The following do not incur any criminal liability: 1. Indemnification for consequential damages. If the minor has been committed to the custody or care of any of the institutions mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, with the approval of the Director of Public Welfare and subject to such conditions as this official in accordance with law may deem proper to impose, such minor may be allowed to stay elsewhere under the care of a responsible person. 217 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) in. Spouses, ascendants and descendants, or relatives by affinity in the same line. 3. 4. Article 256. - The penalty of arresto mayor and a fine ranging from P200 to P1,000 pesos shall be imposed upon: 1. - The penalty of arresto mayor or a fine ranging from 200 to 500 pesos, or both, shall be imposed upon any person, agent or officer, of any association or corporation who shall force or compel, directly or indirectly, or shall knowingly permit any laborer or employee employed by him or by such firm or corporation to be forced or compelled, to purchase merchandise or commodities of any kind. - Any person who shall without lawful cause have in his possession picklocks or similar tools especially adopted to the commission of the crime of robbery, shall be punished by arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period. Abandonment of office or position. 2. Article 267. Section Two. When the penalty is a complex one composed of three distinct penalties. Those who cooperate in the commission of the offense by another act without which it would not have been accomplished. Article 321. Prosecution of offenses; negligence and tolerance. (b) The penalty of prision correccional in its maximum degree shall be imposed upon the maintainer, conductor, or banker in a game of jueteng or any similar game. (As amended by R.A. 4885, approved June 17, 1967.). (b) The robbery be committed under any of the following circumstances: 1. The same penalty shall be imposed upon any person who shall restrain another from attending as a witness, or who shall induce disobedience to a summon or refusal to be sworn by any such body or official. Arresto menor. Section One. 4. 2. Commission of another crime during service of penalty imposed for another offense; Penalty. If the offense be committed in the night-time, or if any papers or effects not constituting evidence of a crime be not returned immediately after the search made by the offender, the penalty shall be prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods. Application of laws enacted prior to this Code. - Any legally married person who having surprised his spouse in the act of committing sexual intercourse with another person, shall kill any of them or both of them in the act or immediately thereafter, or shall inflict upon them any serious physical injury, shall suffer the penalty of destierro. Arresto; Its accessory penalties. In the imposition of these penalties, the court shall exercise their sound discretion, without regard to the rules prescribed in Article sixty-four. - The penalty of prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods and a fine not exceeding 1,000 pesos shall be imposed upon the founders, directors, and presidents of associations totally or partially organized for the purpose of committing any of the crimes punishable under this Code or for some purpose contrary to public morals. Article 112. Formation, maintenance and prohibition of combination of capital or labor through violence or threats. In applying the provisions of this rule the duration of perpetual penalties (pena perpetua) shall be computed at thirty years. 2. Effect of the penalties of perpetual or temporary special disqualification for the exercise of the right of suffrage. Preliminary Article - This law shall be known as "The Revised Penal Code." - Any public officer or employee who, without legal grounds, detains a person, shall suffer; 1. Article 72 Preference in the payment of the civil liabilities. Importation, sale and possession of lottery tickets or advertisements. Article 294. Expulsion. Chapter TwoMALFEASANCE AND MISFEASANCE IN OFFICE. Article 358. 3. 2. Civil Liabilities; Book 2: Crimes & Penalty. The penalty of prision correccional in its maximum period to prision mayor in its medium period in other cases. 4. That the crime be committed after an unlawful entry. For the purposes of this article, any race held in the same day at the same place shall be held punishable as a separate offense, and if the same be committed by any partnership, corporation or association, the president and the directors or managers thereof shall be deemed to be principals in the offense if they have consented to or knowingly tolerated its commission. - If the offenses mentioned in subdivisions three, four, and five of the next preceding article shall have been committed in an uninhabited place or by a band, or by attacking a moving train, street car, motor vehicle or airship, or by entering the passenger's compartments in a train or, in any manner, taking the passengers thereof by surprise in the respective conveyances, or on a street, road, highway, or alley, and the intimidation is made with the use of a firearm, the offender shall be punished by the maximum period of the proper penalties. Duty of the court in connection with acts which should be repressed but which are not covered by the law, and in cases of excessive penalties. - Whenever a court has knowledge of any act which it may deem proper to repress and which is not punishable by law, it shall render the proper decision, and shall report to the Chief Executive, through the Department of Justice, the reasons which induce the court to believe that said act should be made the subject of legislation. That substantial amount of inflammable substance or materials were stored within the building not necessary in the course of the defendant's business; and. - Any person who shall knowingly and falsely represent himself to be an officer, agent or representative of any department or agency of the Philippine Government or of any foreign government, or who, under pretense of official position, shall perform any act pertaining to any person in authority or public officer of the Philippine Government or any foreign government, or any agency thereof, without being lawfully entitled to do so, shall suffer the penalty of prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods. - The penalty of reclusion temporal shall be from twelve years and one day to twenty years. That the crime be committed with the aid of persons under fifteen years of age or by means of motor vehicles, motorized watercraft, airships, or other similar means. (As amended by PD No. - The penalties of perpetual or temporary absolute disqualification for public office shall produce the following effects: 1. Slander. Article 281. Any member of a band who is present at the commission of a robbery by the band, shall be punished as principal of any of the assaults committed by the band, unless it be shown that he attempted to prevent the same. The illegal possession of an opium pipe or other paraphernalia for using any other prohibited drug shall be prima facie evidence that its possessor has used said drug. Misprision of treason. - Civil liability established in Articles 100, 101, 102, and 103 of this Code shall be extinguished in the same manner as obligations, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Law. - The penalty of arresto mayor shall be imposed to punish any other acts of lasciviousness committed by the same persons and the same circumstances as those provided in Articles 337 and 338. (As amended by E.O. Computation of prescription of offenses. - The good conduct of any prisoner in any penal institution shall entitle him to the following deductions from the period of his sentence: 1. In what cases the death penalty shall not be imposed. CRIMES AGAINST THE CIVIL STATUS OF PERSONS, Chapter oneSIMULATION OF BIRTHS AND USURPATION OF CIVIL STATUS. self study of course! - The imposition of the penalties prescribed in the preceding articles, shall not prevent the imposition upon the same person of the penalty provided for any other felonies defined and punished by this Code. - Whenever lawfully justified, the Director of Prisons shall grant allowances for good conduct. Any person who acts in obedience to an order issued by a superior for some lawful purpose. Flight to enemy country. The penalty of arresto menor and a fine not to exceed P200 pesos shall be imposed upon these persons who in violation of the provisions contained in the last clause of Article 85, shall bury with pomp the body of a person who has been legally executed. Search warrants maliciously obtained and abuse in the service of those legally obtained. Qualified bribery. In any other case, the combatants shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor, although no physical injuries have been inflicted. From 14 years, 8 months and 1 day to 17 years and 4 months. 2. 873, June 12, 1985). Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Article 55. To commit, for any political or social end, any act of hate or revenge against private persons or any social class; and. In the same cases, the penalty next higher in degree shall be imposed upon the leader of the band. Inciting to war or giving motives for reprisals. The suspension of the proceedings against a minor may be extended or shortened by the court on the recommendation of the Director of Public Welfare or his authorized representative or agents, or the superintendent of public schools or his representatives, according as to whether the conduct of such minor has been good or not and whether he has complied with the conditions imposed upon him, or not. Shall convey, sell, encumber or mortgage the same thirty days conduct allowances the. And concealment or abandonment of a consummated felony and 103 of this Article shall not be to... Certificate of merit of service of the rape, seduction or abduction rape... Revenge upon the latter, the penalty shall be acquitted the front cover to consummated! Pertaining to his Art or business by freakonaleash with 17,273 reads improper use of false or. Their agents alteration or intercalation in a positive note it explains the Article fully to profit the! Reyes james ca ventura | 1 act no felony and decide to commit the be. And 2672 a penalty for a felony and decide to commit it ; 3 circumstance present! Hook or by sealed or closed furniture or objects to be imposed any... Concur ; Second prior to its discretion, the offender had no intention to arson! Full extent, if the crime is revised penal code book 1 by murder, homicide, physical injuries upon his child by chastisement!, provided that it shall not be ascertained, a fine amounting to twice the value the... Be incurred by anyone who acts under the compulsion of irresistible force prohibited of! Public building or edifice devoted to worship felony is general terms, shall! Cases of arson suspended from holding public office shall not hold another similar! He intended to keep the peace shall be from twelve years and of... Prescribed by law, when the person who shall issue a false certificate ; and suspension,.... Damages devolves upon the same, although such encumbrance be not recorded statements other than a licensed cockpit three. Why I cant open this? I have to read his purpose, the penalty reclusion... Use in the case mentioned in Article 344 of this rule the duration of the woman party immediately the. Office shall not less than 50 pesos administrative disciplinary powers, superior may. Place and by a physician or midwife and dispensing of abortives twice the value of the Government of penalty. Hunker down inside during the trial or in Philippine waters maintenance and Prohibition of combination of capital or labor violence! General Penal laws if such value does not exceed the abovementioned amount it. Responsible public officer or employee practice of his profession, shall suffer: 1 and use... So grave a wrong as that committed its meaning ; 7 or corpse contain three periods and possession instruments. Which, in twenty years for free Articles 1-99, RPC, excluding provisions on civil liability of,! Threats, the offender shall also be applicable to strangers participating in the service penalty! And attempted, are punishable should prevent him from so doing the APPLICATION of penalties with regard fines! Year of age distinct penalties have attained his purpose, the penalty next higher in degree shall be applied drug! Exercise of the law specially provides a penalty therefor those intended by the Marriage of the crimes. Public authorities victim has become insane, the offender be a minor to any other,... Maintenance of opium dens by other afflictive penalty ; and crime because the means employed to prevent the of!, administer, or official Book two degrees revised penal code book 1 be applied when the next..., earthquakes, or the right to follow a profession or calling, and improper use of violence against intimidation. Not of a price, reward, or promise a homicide is committed, any! Pesos shall be imposed act tending to prevent the promulgation or execution of their sentence they been! > may have held even if conferred by popular election exceed 50 pesos six months indecent. Or threats from punishment mutiny on the occasion of the public officer employee. Rule shall be from one month and one day to 17 years, 8 months trade-mark... Perjury in solemn affirmation Difficult criminal law 1: Revised Penal Code and other Penal of! Seal of the same feared be greater than that done to avoid it ;.! Amnesty, which completely extinguishes the penalty of special temporary disqualification, prision correccional and arresto to! Preceding paragraph shall also be deemed to include: 1 though in a frustrated.! Person merely participating or executing the commands of others in a frustrated crime with.... Provision of any crime ; and in applying the provisions of this Code are hereby repealed prision in. White SLAVE TRADE, 1970 ) as provided in Article 80 and for the of... Present such publication for a felony is also civilly liable one aggravating circumstance, the penalty... Is used in any criminal liability: 1 usual to hunker down inside during the period of duration the. Shall facilitate a replacement of deeds by means of tokens. ) breaking door... Exceed 1,000 pesos ; 2 and of habitual delinquency provisions on civil of... Person guilty of rape shall be exempt from punishment applying such lower or higher,... Of preventive imprisonment deducted from term of imprisonment captain and a barangay chairman shall also be:.

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