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tract definition: 1. a short piece of writing, especially on a religious or political subject, that is intended to…. Root Word Meaning Origin Related Words A/n not, without Greek Abyss-something in-depth or profoundAchromatic –something which is colourless Anhydrous –No … Start studying Root Word: "tract". The root word is "tract" and the prefix is "re" What is the root word for unattractive? Latin root tractmstalkowski. Another word for tract. “Struct” means to build. ABLE, ILE, ITY, TION, AT, IVE, OR, ABS, CON, DE, DIS, EX, RE, SUB & PRO are all old friends, more of less, a fine reunion. var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length)); What root means to draw or press in? He had come down from the Walpole tract that day in a spirit of new confidence which put away all weariness from him. To really stretch a metaphor, as the human race needs both male and female reproductive systems in order to survive by creating new life, the medical … It will surely increase your kids' reading comprehension and vocabulary.

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