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vw air cooled carburetor

Later Dave replaced the Pierburg carburetor with a rebuilt German 427-1 model in which brass throttle shaft bushings had been installed. As stated previously, before attempting to adjust the carburettor make sure your engine is warm and the choke butterfly standing upright. Jets You can't buy a brand new 30PICT/2 carburettor any more, but you can buy a brand new 30OICT/1, or H30/31 model, which are the replacement carburettors for all the 28 and 30 series. That's why those who race their VWs are always talking about dual 40mm Kadrons, progressive Webers etc. If the car makes a habit of this, its time to rebuild the carburettor and replace the float needle valve, which is included in most carburettor overhaul kits. Looking to upgrade to the most impressive set of off the shelf carbs for your VW engine? Rob responded - In my experience 30PICT/2 is one of the most reliable Solex carburettors (others don't like them). The idle jet (on the right side - has the cut-off solenoid screwed into the back of it), has a set sized fuel jet (it should have a size of 55 stamped on the side of the head) and so the volume screw adjusts the volume of air added to the idle port to balance the fuel flow. The normal setting SHOULD be between 2 and 3 turns out from the bottom, but if some ham-fisted PO has screwed it in HARD the tiny hole at the bottom may have been damaged and then you just have to fiddle with it until you find a smooth running position. The Pierburg 34PICT/3 Carburettor, Adjustment of "Single-Screw" Carburettors The ideal fuel/air mixture is called Stoichiometry. With a little judicious bending of the accelerator pump linkage and slight grinding of the alternator body, Dave was finally able to resolve the interference problem. Miscellaneous Notes/Questions and Mine's exactly the same except that it has the original 30PICT/2 carburettor. The air correction jet size is very important when using a smaller carburetor on a larger engine. That means they accounted for the engine running fine with 56.57cc for every mm of venturie (1584 div by 28 = 56.57). Choose... New Amp Ultra Dual HPMX carb kits with new offset manifold, combo linkage and air cleaners. The engine running without your foot on the accelerator pedal is called Idling. These carbs have a 22.5mm throat. See the jetting suggestions above. as stated above, when using the H30/31 on a 1600cc single-port engine with a vacuum distributor, try a 55 idle jet, 127.5 main jet and 125 or 130 air correction jet. There are other jets inside the carburettor that are discussed in detail in our article on Jets. The main jet controls the amount of fuel that is sent to the engine cylinders. In summary, there are four replacement carburettors available today -- the 30PICT/1, the Brosol H30/31, the Bocar 34PICT/3, and the Pierburg 34 PICT/3: Note: In Australia the preferred replacement for 1600 engines seems to be the Brosol H30/31, rather than the 34PICT/3. Rob responded - Well, yes, that's sort of right. The Carburettor - General Description and Discussion--, 28 Series Carburettors The 1600cc DP can flow more air than the 1600cc SP and smaller engines. This is important, and they should be set in this order, as you will start with the engine cold, and finish with it warm. But before you actually tackle the syncronization, remove the air … High Performance. The first dual port 1600s came in 1971, and have a double letter in front of the engine number, AF or AD for that year. Intake Manifold It's important to set the valves, points, timing and to check the choke before setting the carburettor, as they all work together for a smooth running engine. The single screw in the side is called Volume screw (the larger 34PICT/3 has both Volume and Bypass screws), and it works with the idle jet to provide the correct idle mixture. The carburetor on a standard VW Beetle engine is located almost directly in the center of the visible part of the engine when the deck lid is opened. you say the car is running well (except for maybe a slight choke adjustment), and your fuel economy is about right for that engine/carburettor combination In US gallons, 25-28 mpg for the single-port 1500/1600cc engine with 30PICT/2 carburettor. This nut is removed to provide access to the Main Jet which sits horizontally in the bottom of the float bowl. These carburettors have a 22.5mm throat. Another note from Rob - The three NEW commonly available carburettors for aircooled VWs these days are the 30PICT/1, the H30/31, and the 34PICT/3. When we release new products or have special sales items, you hear it first, but you have to join to get in on the discounts! Now return to the engine compartment. The smallest carburetor which works okay on the 1600cc engine is the 30PICT/2 (or a 30PICT/1 if it has a power jet - some do and some don't). Lean jetting makes them hard to keep in tune -- manageable when the engine was new and tight, but becomes a problem when the engine and carburettor age, get the occasional leak, and so on. This is the fuel supply line. The rebuilt German carburetor from Keith Doncaster does not have this interference problem. RAD DRAW THROUGH Turbo System includes the following: (VW Aircooled) 1 x Turbo Header w/hardware. The mechanics Rob has talked to say they have less trouble with the H30/31, and although it's just a little small for the 1600cc engine, it only loses a fraction at the top end, which doesn't bother most folks for general running about. The new Empi D Series of carburetors have the best... Now available for your Type 1,2,3 or 4 VW. Air Cleaner For more information, please see Alternator/Accelerator Pump Linkage Interference. which splits right and left and carries the fuel/air mixture from After just under three years of service, the throttle shaft bushings became worn to the point that air was leaking into the intake manifold. Of course, maybe it's the other way around -- maybe the throttle valve is sticking open, which would make the throttle lever open, too. on the top of the carburettor bowl. You may find it easiest to simply note where the clamp goes on the cable end in this position (wide open), then let up on the pedal and make the connection with the system relaxed. Carburettor/Distributor Compressing the coil spring more will make the pump start working sooner for a longer squirt. This is the throttle lever; the cable is the accelerator cable. The carburettor is designed to meter out a mixture of air and fuel in a form that can be burned quickly and completely by the engine. Can I use my 30PICT/1 carburettor on my 1600cc dual-port engine? The Carburettor - General Description and Discussion, Adjustment of "Single-Screw" Carburettors, Adjustment of "Double-Screw" Carburettors, Miscellaneous Topics Related to Carburettor Tuning, 28 PICT-1 & -2; 30 PICT/1 Carburettor Overhaul, Alternator/Accelerator Pump Linkage VW engine build and tune. This assures that the engine has a high idle speed when cold (or it would stall), but the idle speed reduces to normal as the engine warm up. Any comment? Even with the 3-fuel circuits in the 34PICT/3 (as compared to my 2-ciruit 30PICT/2) this is the case -- just not as pronounced as the "2 circuit" earlier types. Or, if working by myself, I find that I can come very close by adjusting the cable as follows: With the idle screw against the very bottom of the stepped cam, pull the cable back finger-tight and snug down the screw to secure the cable. The automatic choke regulates the air/fuel mixture during engine start up. 34 PICT/3 Carburettor Overhaul, Related Topics She just doesn't idle smoothly it's as if I had a high cam in it with the looping sound. If you do not hear a clicking sound, check to make sure there is power (12 volts) to the wire (small trouble light, voltmeter, etc.). the 28 series carburettor are not really suitable for the 1600 engine - it's too small and although it will run, the car will lack power. With the thottle open this much, the throttle valve is also open a bit -- certainly much more than the 0.004 inch it's supposed to be. Just the hole size is different. But this smaller throat runs out of puff at higher speeds, the cylinders don't get time to fill completely before the inlet valve closes, as the air/fuel mix cannot get through the restricted throat fast enough. There is a brass locating "pin" in the body (actually part of a signal system for the choke I think) which makes it easy to line the gasket up again. Cardiff CA 92007. Kit includes HPMX carbs, offset manifolds, linkage,... For those looking for ease of maintenance as well as a performance gain we offer the single 40 or 44 HPMX carburetor kit. 30/31 PICT-3 Carburetor with Adapter and Hardware. Doing all that will reduce the hesitation somewhat. Could this be fixed by adjusting idling? So the 34 copes with this by using 3 fuel circuits - idle, low speed and main. Answers. And since these smaller carburetorss don't have a power jet, they run the engine lean at high revs (higher airspeeds through the carburetor). Flooding However, Dave's euphoria with the Pierburg carburetor was short-lived. FEATURED AIR COOLED VW PRODUCTS Quick Find: VW Bug Bus Narrowed Beam, Air Cooled Volkswagen Parts, Aircooled VW Dual Carburetor, Air Cooled VW Exhaust Systems, Aircooled VW Restoration Parts, High Performance Air Cooled VW Engines For Sale, VW Bug Disc Brakes, VW Suspension, VW … These kits... All the benefits of the Deluxe HPMX carburetor line, industry best hex bar linkage, offset manifolds, fully tested and baseline jetted HPMX carbs, and billet aluminum air cleaner assemblies. 1 x RAD Blow Through 2 Barrel Carburetor. I also have an extra 34PICT/3 carburettor from an old '74 that I parted out. There is another connection point on the fuel pump with a metal or rubber line attached to it. (Also attached to this terminal is the black wire that provides power to the automatic choke.) We use these screws to "tune" the carburettor. Interference, Carburettor/Distributor Featured Products. VW used a 28mm venturie in a 34 pict (34mm throat) carb for a 1600 (1584cc) engine. Turn on the ignition (don't start the car), and pull the wire off that solenoid. If it's not working, you won't get a proper idle, and you'll get rough running at traffic speeds, too. VWD, VWDarrin Off-Road. 1. Note: Before adjusting the carburettor, it is essential that the accelerator cable be properly adjusted. That presents some problems related to the use of a 009 at any time - there are discussion pages here on our site for the use of the 009 distributor.

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